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Ernst in English

A list of published monographs and articles by Wolfgang Ernst in English, including reviews of his work, is now available from here in PDF format (updated March 2016). For a complete list of published articles and books of Wolfgang Ernst (in German and in English), see Publikationsliste Ernst.

Edited talks and scripts (in latency)

“The non-narrative challenge. A Time-Critical Remark.”
Lecture given at the MAC International Symposium Story, Hypermedia, Digital Human, Yonsei University Seoul, Institue of Media Art, May 2004.

“Resonance of Siren Songs.”
Lecture delivered at the Humboldt University Conference Sound Politics (10th Transatlantic Dialogue), New York, April 8, 2005.

“Archives of Motion vs. Archives in Motion.”
Lecture given at symposium Archive / Practice, Leipzig / Dresden-Hellerau, December 10–13, 2009.

“Archival Metahistory and Inhuman Memory.”
Keynote to the interdisciplinary conference Archives of the Arctic. Ice, Entropy and Memory, Humboldt University, Berlin, September 18–21, 2013.
Forthcoming in Susanne Frank, Kjetil Jakobson, Mandy Buschina (eds.), Archives of the Arctic, Bielefeld: transcript.

“Chronopoetics of Techno-Archival Memory.”
Keynote lecture given at conference Technologies of Memory, Oslo, National Library, December 9/10, 2011.

“Archival Times. Tempor(e)alities of Media Memory.”
Lecture at the National Library, Oslo, on occasion of the book presentation of: Eivind Røssaak (ed.), The Archive in Motion. New Conceptions of the Archive in Contemporary Thought and New Media Practices, Oslo: Novus, 2010.

“Data, Undead: The Cultural Prosopopoietics of the Archive.”
Textual basis for talk given at conference Packrats and Bureaucrats: Study in the Archive, University of California, Santa Barbara (Interdisciplinary Center), 5./6. February 2001.

“Towards A Visual Archive Of Cinematographic Topics.”

“Hands on / off. (Re-)Enacting Technology.”
Contribution to the Hands on Instruments conference, University of Cambridge (Churchill College), July 20–22, 2014.
Submitted for publication in the forthcoming Ramona Braun (Hg.), Hands on Media: Manual practices and the analog-digital transition, University of New England Press.

“Guslari On-Line. A Technological Interpretation Of ‘Oral Poetry’.”

“Unmasking Interfaces: Archeological Moments of Knowledge.”
Edited version of lecture “Replacing Faces by Interfaces” at conference Interfacing Knowledge: New Paradigms for Computing in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, March 8/9, 2002, University of California, Santa Barbara.

“Interview Ernst / Parikka on ‘Media Archaeological Fundus’.”

“Auralization As Re-Enactment Of The Sonic Past.”

“Media Archaeology (Interview).”

“Media Archaeology: The Crisis In Narrative Memory.”
Lecture at the New York University, Department of Media and Communication, March 8/9, 2004.

“Media Temporalities As Object Of Knowledge (And Their Sonic Understanding).”
Lecture at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences, Prague, November 22, 2013.

“Confronting Artefactual Tempor(e)alities: Radical Media Archaeology.”
Paper read at conference Insuetude: Conversations in Technological Discard and Archaeological Recuperation, Columbia University, New York, April 28–29, 2016.

“Tempor(e)alities of Media Theatre. On the difference between performative and operative reenactment in the performative arts and in the apparatus.”
Forthcoming in: Susanne Foellmer (ed.), ÜberReste. Strategien des Bleibens in den darstellenden Künsten (in English); London / New York (Routledge) resp. Basingstoke (Palgrave Macmillan).

“Media Archaeology.”
On occasion of the book presentation of Erkki Huhtamo / Jussi Parikka (eds.), Media Archaeology, University of California Press 2011, at Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Musicology and Media Studies, July 15, 2011, Media Theatre.

“Technomathematical Implementations. Non-human forms of embodiment.”
Statement for workshop Science of Embodiment, organized by Guerino Mazzola, Paris (ENS, rue d'Ulm), 2012.

“‘Just in Time?’ Tracing Tempor(e)alities In the Age of Media Mobility.”
Key-note lecture at symposium Tracing Mobility – Cartography and Migration in Networked Space, 26th November 2011, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin).

“Non-Human Memory, Techno-Traumatic Media Time: On asymmetries between historical testimony and storage-based forms of re-presencing.”
Workshop Jerusalem 29 / 30 April, 2015.

“Technological Voicing of Traumatic Memory.”
Lecture presented at workshop Techno-Trauma. From Analog to Digital, Humboldt University Berlin, April 2014.

“Signals and Symbols. A media-archaeological approach to ‘textuality’.”
Extended version of a key-note lecture at the symposium Post Script: After textuality / On media, Yale University, March 29, 2012.

“Media Studies (Berlin Style) and Media Archaeology as Specific Method.”
Lecture at the Media Studies Department at the Institute for Communication Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, November 21, 2013.

“‘... Else Loop Forever.’ The untimeliness of media, or: Does technology have a sense of ending?”
Extended draft of the paper given at the conference Il Senso della Fine, Università degli Studi di Urbino, Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e Linguistica, 10–12 September, 2009.

“Half Lives of Knowledge. A Media-Archaeological Point of View.”
Lecture for session „RK&M Loss and Recovery of Knowledge“, Workshop Preservation of Records, Knowledge and Memory across generations (RK&M), Paris, Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) der OECD, 12.–14. September 2012.

“Between Physics and Information: Audio Recordings From the Past and Their Tempor(e)alities.”
Orginally proposed for (never published) Proceedings of the ILKAR conference Preserving Endangered Media. Rethinking Archival Strategies for Conservation of Analogue Audio Carriers, Ethnological Museum Berlin, 9./10. June 2011, editors: Jürgen-K. Mahrenholz / Elena Gómez Sánchez, Berlin.

“‘Posting’ Digital Presence: A Micro-Temporal Regime.”
Key-note lecture at BFX (Bournemouth Visual Effects and Animation) academic conference Analogue to Post-Digital, Bournemouth University, September 25–26, 2015.

“Sono-Poetics. The Appeal of Sound as Time-Object und Time-Subject for Technology-Oriented Media Theory.”
Central St. Martins University of Art (on invitation by the Audio Research Unit, London Graduate School, Kingston University), London, 15. April 2016; available as audio recording online: http://wp.me/p6OCoH-3r.

“Listening to Sonic Expressions With Media-Archaeological Ears.”
Key-note speech at the conference Sound Art Matters, University of Aarhus, June 1–4, 2016.

“Visual Im/Mediacy: Towards a Cultural Technology of Images.”
Related to lecture at conference Metadating the Image organised by Lev Manovich, festival DEAF 03, Rotterdam.

Partly extracted by Jussi Parikka for journal Cultural Politics.

“Media Archaeology as Method of Re/Search in Parallel Lines (Media Art, Academic Media Theory.”
Rough notes of a statement on occasion of the panel discussion “Search for a method” with Inke Arns, Wolfgang Ernst, Jussi Parikka and Siegfried Zielinski, conceived and moderated by Timothy Druckrey as part of the transmediale.12 “In/compatible” symposium, February 5, 2012, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

“‘On Nature’ and the Un-Natural. Re-visiting the Wunderkammer with media-archaeological eyes & ears.”
Introductory lecture to the academic conference of Ultima Contemporary Music Festival On Nature, Oslo, September 10th, 2015.

“Is there a specific videocity?”
In: Internationales Bochumer Videofestival # 12 (April 2002), Programmheft, Bochum (AstA-Kulturreferat der Ruhr-Universität Bochum) 2002, 106–114.

“Media Archaeology and/or Art History. A liaison dangereuse.”
Lecture at seminar Média Archéologie et L’Histoire de l’Art, Centre Nationale d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), Paris, March 6, 2015.

“Printed Letters, Acoustic Space, Real Time Internet. The message of current communication media, deciphered with (and beyond) McLuhan.”
Lecture on occasion of the conference McLuhan revisited at the Fritt Ord Foundation, Oslo, 12th April, 2011.

“Archival States”

“Temporalizing the Present and Archiving Presence. The impact of time-critical media technologies.”
Extended textual material, related to lecture at Concordia University, Montreal (Canada), Department of Communication Studies, 2014.

“Archival Phantasms”

“Sound, Surveillance and Signal Analysis. The other ‘Lautarchiv.’”
Research outline, presented at conference Listening to the Archive. Histories of Sound Data in the Humanities and Sciences, February 11–13, 2016, Humboldt-University / Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin.